About Us

Sunflower Farms is a family-owned business operated by Ron and Wendy Akiyama. We specialize in landscape design and landscaping services and have a beautiful retail garden center.

A growing family business

Sunflower Farms is a family-owned and operated nursery that is unlike any other.

We have a wide variety of roses, herbs, perennials, shrubs, trees, fruit tress, and specialty plants in stock and access to just about anything else you may need via special order.  We are located on Western Avenue just south of Artesia Boulevard in Gardena. 

We also specialize in landscape design with over 40 years of design and implementation experience.

wonder-full location

Upon arriving to the nursery for the first time, you will see the true uniqueness and beauty of this place. Exploring the nursery is unavoidable as the main office seems to be tucked away in a beautiful forest of potted plants, shrubs, trees, stacks of firewood, and everything in between.

Beautiful Pathways

Pathways run through the nursery in every direction, as there are no straight lines. Due to the beauty and uniqueness of this place, employees from the Toyota corporate offices nearby can be found walking the property on their breaks and teachers from local schools often sit in the gazebo to grade papers and relax. 

Aside from being a business, the main objective of Sunflower Farms is to develop and foster relationships with the community and the people who live in it.

We truly want to help you, share our expertise, and be a part of your garden or landscape.

A vibrant Present and Past

Sunflower Farms Nursery & Gardens is owned and operated by Ron & Wendy Akiyama. Ron is a true gardening expert who started working in his father's nurseries at the age of 8.  Wendy is the brains behind landscaping, exterior design and the art aspects of the nursery.

Sunflower Farms opened in 1962. Here's the story of how Wendy and Ron purchased it in 1975.  

So Much to See!

One day a young man eagerly called his fiancee with "BIG NEWS".  "We just bought a nursery!", he exclaimed, "and I'm dropping out of Long Beach State to start running it!"

Well his fiancee was a little concerned, but could see how her young man was so excited to about the potential future he could build for them. She replied, "I'm happy for you, it's a great opportunity, but please don't expect me to help you. I'm going to get my degree and pursue my career."

38 years, 3 kids, 5 recessions and an earthquake or two later, his wife bought into the "garden" and the two have built a unique nursery that continues to leave a  green footprint throughout the Southland.

All of the Experience You'll Ever Need!

We have a over 75 years of gardening and landscape experience between us.  Although it may sound cliche, we are not in the plant business. We are in the people business where plants happen to be the catalyst. 

Stop in or Contact Us to talk about gardening and landscape needs.  You'll love this place as much as we do!