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We Love Medicinal Herbs!

My topic for this article is Medicinal Herbs. There are so many wonderful surprises growing outside our door and unlike our great grandmas, we don’t have to forage the woods to find them. Click to learn about 4 medicinal herbs you can easily grow yourself.

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Open Invitation to Interested Enthusiasts

Do you have an interest, skill, hobby, or story you would like to share with others?

We here at Sunflower Farms are proud members of our local community and are always seeking enrichment opportunities for both our customers and community.

We host workshops, seminars, and talks throughout the month to provide a forum for discussion and learning here in our beautiful gardens.

Speakers and facilitators have delivered talks on everything from health and wellness to cooking to water conservation and even Meditation and Tai Chi.

We would love to hear from you if you have any interests, products, skills or stories you feel an enthusiasm for that you would like to share.

Please send all correspondence and requests for more information to:

Join our growing community of students, speakers, and enthusiasts!

Fruit Trees are Here

And we have a special offer just for you!

Take advantage of the dormant season and plant your fruit trees now! Planting fruit trees now gives you a jump on the Spring season and helps protect against any transplant shock. Come down to the nursery to check out some of our new arrivals, including:


Fuyu Persimmons                                     Santa Barbara Peaches
Li Jujubes                                                  Babcock Peaches
Fuji Apples                                                White Fruiting Mulberries
Burgundy Plums                                        White Genoa Figs
Red Baron Peaches                                    Black Jack Figs
Tropic Gold Apricots

Purchase an individual 5 gallon size fruit tree for $34.99, or get two for $59.50, offer expires 31 January 2016, offer limit one per customer, cannot be combined or redeemed with other offers.

Purchase an individual 5 gallon size Persimmon or Jujube for $49.50, or get two for $79.95, offer expires 31 January 2016, offer limit one per customer, cannot be combined or redeemed with other offers.

Please present this newsletter to redeem offer at time of purchase.

Holiday Decorating Ideas from Sunflower Farms

Tis the Season to Deck Your Halls straight from your garden! 

Juniper, Cypress and Pine branches combined with Texas Privet, Indian Hawthorne and Pyracantha branches laden with bright red berries can be used as a gorgeous door swags with big holiday bows in red, burgundy, gold or silver. Just layer and wire in place. 

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MWD Water Barrel Rebate Program

With talk of a powerful El Nino headed our way, have you considered collecting rainwater to use as a source of irrigation for your lawns and gardens?  Find out about rebates available to you as well as where to buy rain barrels and diverter kits.

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